Friday, September 19, 2008

Lost & Found

A few weeks ago I LOST my ATM card, I didn't cancel it right away because I had a hunch it was either in my car, purse or a pocket in a pair of jeans. I searched everywhere, hi & low, practically took my car apart and put it back together, emptied my purse 17x and checked all my jeans. So, after using a whole book of checks and getting sick & tired of writing checks out and holding up the line at the market, I FINALLY decided to cancel it last week.
So right now, i'm in my purse, and I realize that the side of purse is totally tearing, it's like a whole 'nuther huge pocket. So I stick my hand deep down there (searching for my eyeliner) and LO & BEHOLD guess what I find!!!!!!
Not ONLY my ATM card, but my favorite tweezers AND my memory stick thingy that just last week Matt & I got in a lil family feud over because I need it every Friday to save our powerpoints for Ignite on.

I'm still debating on whether i'm going to tell Matt or not, I know he's going to make fun of me, I can see him rolling his eyes already.
Ok, i'm off to Ignite!


Steph said...

haha Time for a new purse!!! :) Aw I would die if I lost my favorite tweezers (not that I use them all that tho. ha) Ahh well glad you found your stuff. Tell Matt you found the memory stick thing in HIS jeans! hehe

yvette said...

OMG, I have done this before. Just last month, before we left for NY.
I searched for it in my house but no where to be found. I stopped looking hoping it was at work. I got to work it wasn't there either. Unfortunately for me I cancelled my CC. Well that night while I was getting ready to make dinner I looked behind my food processor and there was my wristlet. I was so mad at myself. HAHA