Thursday, September 25, 2008

New job!

So I got a new job! I can't believe it, it happened SO fast. It's amazing how God just dropped this job literally in my lap. I literally started looking for a job on Thursday. As much as I loved staying home, I knew that a) our savings was running low and b) with the holidays coming, I know myself, I'm going to want to buy nice gifts and help with things financially at church and with my family.

Anyways, back to my job, I went to my moms on Thursday night, and my sisters BFF was there and she started telling me about her friends friend that was hiring at her company for an Administrative Assistant position. She started telling me what the job was about and what the person would do, and I was thinking (and saying), wow that's totally something I would want to do!! So Gina (my sisters bff) emailed the women she knew from the company and asked her if I could send my resume in, and she said yes. So on friday I sent my resume and this past Tuesday she called me for an interview, I went in for an interview yesterday and she hired me right there, and I start TOMORROW!! I'm excited because of course now i'll be getting paid and money won't be tight anymore with us, but at the same time i'm so used to (now) being at home, and not only that i was sooo used to working at my former job (worked there for 7 yrs!) AND I was working with Matt which I loved.

I'm grateful to God because I know how the economy is, and so many people have been looking for jobs for awhile now with no luck, ( I know because my friend at church has been looking for awhile), so I'm grateful that I found a job so fast, and it's something that I would love to do. It's just the whole "change" thing which makes me nervous, because I am NOT a fan of change.
On a side note: I think I am really going to love my new boss, she's young, perky, and super nice!

So pray for me as I start my new journey tomorrow, my new chapter in my life.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Lost & Found

A few weeks ago I LOST my ATM card, I didn't cancel it right away because I had a hunch it was either in my car, purse or a pocket in a pair of jeans. I searched everywhere, hi & low, practically took my car apart and put it back together, emptied my purse 17x and checked all my jeans. So, after using a whole book of checks and getting sick & tired of writing checks out and holding up the line at the market, I FINALLY decided to cancel it last week.
So right now, i'm in my purse, and I realize that the side of purse is totally tearing, it's like a whole 'nuther huge pocket. So I stick my hand deep down there (searching for my eyeliner) and LO & BEHOLD guess what I find!!!!!!
Not ONLY my ATM card, but my favorite tweezers AND my memory stick thingy that just last week Matt & I got in a lil family feud over because I need it every Friday to save our powerpoints for Ignite on.

I'm still debating on whether i'm going to tell Matt or not, I know he's going to make fun of me, I can see him rolling his eyes already.
Ok, i'm off to Ignite!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

One word

I found this on somebody else's blog and I'm bored so here it goes..

Your hair? growing
Your mother? Funny
Your father? Quiet
Your favorite thing? camera
Your dream last night? weird
Your dream/goal? mother
Your favorite drink? Sprite
The room you're in? living (room)
Your ex? highschool
Your hobby? Internet
Your fear? pain
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Happy!
Where were you last night? Shakey's
What you're not? Mean
Muffins? Chocolate
One of your wish list items? Shoes
Time? night
Where you grew up? Ontario (CA)
The last thing you did? changed
Favorite weather? Fall
What are you wearing? pj's
Your favorite book? Proverbs
Your TV? Basic
Your pet? None
Your computer? dying
Your mood? content
Missing someone? bro-n-law (he passed away)
Your car? Echo
Something you're not wearing? makeup
Favorite store? Target
Love someone? Mucho
Your favorite color/shade? Fuschia
Last thing you ate? Chips
Your life? Blessed
Your friends? Plenty
What are you thinking right now? Sleep
What are you doing at this moment? laughing (cause i'm watching america's funniest videos)
Your summer: CRAZY!
Your relationship status: married
What do you do when you can't sleep? movie
When is the last time you laughed? now
Last time you cried? yesterday

Monday, September 15, 2008

Checking in!

Barb is so sweet, checking in on me. I haven't blogged much because I feel funny, I think i'm the only one that reads my blog! lol! Now I know i'm not the only one, (barb does too!). =)

I've been thinking that I need to post, and the title of my post would be: "Blessing in Disguise?"

And that title would be regarding getting laid off of my job. People keep asking me, are you bored yet? Have you started looking for a job? And the answer to both of those questions would be NO and umm, Kinda??. I am completely in love with being a SAHW (stay at home wife)! I wish I lived in the days of Leave it to Beaver where the wife stays home and cooks and cleans and takes care of her husband. Matt & I both like me being home, he says that it has brought us closer to together, and I think the same thing. God is really teaching me how to be a better wife thru me being home, our home is always clean (I heard somewhere that a clean de-cluttered home benefits a marriage), I am cooking more which = us staying home and eating together (before we'd always eat on the go/in the car because we were always rushed) also = us spending less money on restaurants & fast food, I have done so much organizing with all our stuff, I just love it all. We spend alot of quality time together it's awesome! I am grateful for this time of being able to stay home, a husband that supports me, and a God that has ALWAYS provided for us. I've been thinking how when a women has a baby she gets to stay home for a few months to take care of her baby, and I think well what if we never have a baby, this is MY time to take care of my husband & home! And what's wrong with that?? This is the first time that I have been off of work since we've been married. I cherish every day of this!

I've been praying about what God would have me to do when I do find a new job, because while God IS/HAS been providing for us these last few months since i've been out of work, our savings is slowly fading away. I'm looking into going to school to be an ultrasound tech, but first before I start all that, I want to see if: I would be comfortable doing it / I could handle it. So my friend's husband is hooking me up with an u/s tech from the hospital he works at so that I can take a tour and see what their days are like. If that doesn't work out I will find another office job, since I love administrative work anyways. I know Barb mentioned event planner, but living in L.A. I KNOW there are hundreds of VERY talented event planners out here. I'm way too intimidated by them! An assistant sounds good to me tho!

So while I am starting this new "season" in my life, if you happen to remember me in your prayer time, please say a prayer for me!


Silly cakes

On Sunday we had a combo birthday party for my niece and lil cousin. She turned 7 and he turned 11. My aunt made these cakes for them, she is by no means a professional, but I thought they were cute and different from our regular ole' Costco cakes we usually get.
A guitar for him...

and a gumball machine for her! My aunt used skittles as the gumballs which I think looked cute! And then my sis for some reason decided to fill the rest of it up with lifesaver gummies. I have no idea why she did that?? I think it looked better without them. =)