Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A friend of mine wrote this describing how it feels to want a child so badly. I thought it was perfectly said and is exactly how I feel. I asked her if I could borrow it for my blog and she said of course. Here it is:

You love your boyfriend (or fiance, or spouse), probably more than you can understand. You want to be with him all the time, you know how much you love him and need him in your life. But what if he wasn't here? He was somewhere that you couldn't contact him or connect with him. And you only had a chance ONCE a month to see if he was coming home to see you. You love him so much and are so ready to be with him that you can barely breath. Everywhere you look are people who get to be with those they love, getting engaged, planning a wedding, buying houses, starting their lives etc, but you can't seem to be with the one you love and no one can really tell you why!
So every month you're just sure it's going to be the month you get to see him. And yet month after month, you find out it's not the month, it's not "your time". People tell you "don't worry, it'll happen at the right time" "Just relax" or "Take a vacation". and all you want to scream is "It's time NOW! This is all I want, to be with this person I love, to spend my life with him, what do you know about the right time, are you God?!" but you don't, you smile and nod and say things like "yes, I know, God will provide, He'll take care of me (Which you do fully believe, but it doesn't always make it easier)". But it still doesn't make sense why everyone around you has their boyfriend, or husband, the love of their life with them day after day and you don't.
So month after month you wait, and month after month nothing. And you start to wonder if you'll ever see him again, if he'll ever be a part of your life like you've planned and hoped and wanted for so long. You're starting to lose hope. Now it's been almost two years, which is two years longer than you should have waited since no one else seems to have to wait that long. But you feel like you're dying inside, like you will drowned in tears if you have to wait another few months, or even possibly years to have to see him. But all you can do is wait. And that's what you do.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Back from Vacation

So yeah I'm back from vacation. It sucks to back at work, don't get me wrong I have a pretty easy job and i'm grateful for it, but it was SO nice to not have to come to work everyday and spend time with family. I wish I was a stay-at-home wife. =) We had fun tho on our vacation, we had family come in from Texas so everyday we went somewhere different, Disneyland, Universal Studios, the beach, b-b-que's at the park, out to dinner...we had so much fun! Oh we also had a few graduations to attend while we were on vacation, my niece Vanessa and cousin Bunny's high school graduation, my nephew Serg graduated from elementary to jr. high, and my niece Desi graduated from kindergarten. Here are a few pics from the week:

Vanessa's graduation:
Me and Matt at Vanessa's grad banquet:
My mom, Jojo, Matt & me at Universal Studios.

Matt & the kids throwing up the "M" for Mickey.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hard Day

Today I had an especially hard's so hard waiting for something you want so bad if you know what I mean. Alot of things just don't make sense to me, but I know I just have to trust God that he knows what he's doing, even when it's so hard and my faith wants to waver. Pray for us if you get a chance.

Friday, June 15, 2007


Vacation officially starts today! I am so excited and feel like I (actually WE-me and matt) need this vacation more than anything. It's been non-stop for the past year and a half. I actually didn't go to work today to finish up some last minute stuff for my niece Vanessa's graduation. Tonight's her graduation, then her party after at my moms, then tomorrow is the banquet. Yesterday I got my pedicure and my hair done, I feel so much better! Then next week is when the fam bam from Texas comes and we'll be out and about with them doing all the Cali touristy stuff which is cool because even tho we LIVE here we never do all the touristy things. Wednesday is Disneyland, yay! I haven't been there in a LONG time. Anywho I'm just sitting here laying in my bed, haven't even brushed my grill but it feels so wonderful and relaxing. Anyways i'll try to blog here and there while i'm on "vacation" since i'll still be around and am obviously addicted to my computer. Have a nice Week Peeps!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Busiest week of my Life!

Do you ever have those weeks that are just straight out crazy?? This Friday my niece is graduating from High School, she's the oldest of the grandkids so it's a big o' deal. On a side note: Her dad died when she was 10 so she's really emotional that he won't be there to see her walk down the aisle. Pray for her! All week is going to be filled with preparing for her big party after graduation, I still need to get all the decorations. =/ Then on Saturday is her graduation banquet which is for family too, and I still haven't found a dress! I hate dress shopping! Especially for a formal dress! To top that off my AF is "stuck" and won't come out! I should've started a long time ago so now I'm dealing with cramps, backache, soreness(!), bloatation (i made that word up), I feel like a fatso, and major moodiness, but no aunt flo. Lauren let me borrow one of her dresses but I feel like a wannabe 18 year old in it, like i'm trying to be a lil graduate. I tried it on last night. I feel so dumb in it! Or maybe it's just that i've never worn a dress like that?? I don't know. I just thank God we are taking a vacation next week!! I sure need it!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

I love when girls do smoky eyes, I think it looks really pretty. I found this video on youtube of this girl that gives a really good teaching on smoky eyes. So I just wanted to share it.

Holy Ghost Hangover

So last night we went to our Pastor's 25th Birthday Party. It was off the hook! I can pretty much brag that I have the best group of friends and we always have so much fun together. Whether it's just sitting around the table cracking jokes or singing worship songs & praying together, it's always exciting. God has truly blessed me! Even tho I have a Holy Ghost hangover right now, I think we got home around 12 something, which is why I came to work sporting some "holy" jeans and my pink Atlantic shirt. oh well. Here is a pic of me and my craziest friend Mischa, we love taking pictures of ourselves and we love gettin' toasted on Martinelli's apple cider, oh yeaaaaah baby, that's what it's all about!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

I could never find the right drink at Starbucks, so I never know what to order. I usually just stand there in front of the poor barista, trying to make a decision. Well today I met my favorite and my coworker/friend Bobcat went to Starbucks right quick on our 15. This is what I said: "Can I have an iced caramel machiatto with extra caramel?" Doesn't it look sooo delicious? It's already almost all gone!

This is only a test. I am trying to upload an image to my post, just in case I have something cool to show you guys. Ok so only 2 people know about this blog so, just in case I want to show B & M something. =) This lil boy is the love of my life, my nephew JoJo. He is thee most absolute-est cutest, funniest, and charming baby ever!

My first official Blog. Never thought it would be. I picked Princess Moni and My Father is the KING as my blog name because I have this bookmark taped to my computer that says "I know that I'm a PRINCESS My Father is the KING OF KINGS" and I LOOOVE it! Jesus is the King and I'm HIS beautiful daughter. That makes me feels great!! Now let's see how this thing works. I actually created this blog to encourage a friend to start one, because she is a pretty darn good photographer and I thought she should start a blog and post her photos for all the world to see. And hopefully she could get some photography gigs out of this. I told her I would let her borrow my niece and my nephew to take pics of to start off her blog. heehee Anyways, I guess I will just be posting random things on here every now and then, so don't judge me, I'm new at this.