Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Busiest week of my Life!

Do you ever have those weeks that are just straight out crazy?? This Friday my niece is graduating from High School, she's the oldest of the grandkids so it's a big o' deal. On a side note: Her dad died when she was 10 so she's really emotional that he won't be there to see her walk down the aisle. Pray for her! All week is going to be filled with preparing for her big party after graduation, I still need to get all the decorations. =/ Then on Saturday is her graduation banquet which is for family too, and I still haven't found a dress! I hate dress shopping! Especially for a formal dress! To top that off my AF is "stuck" and won't come out! I should've started a long time ago so now I'm dealing with cramps, backache, soreness(!), bloatation (i made that word up), I feel like a fatso, and major moodiness, but no aunt flo. Lauren let me borrow one of her dresses but I feel like a wannabe 18 year old in it, like i'm trying to be a lil graduate. I tried it on last night. I feel so dumb in it! Or maybe it's just that i've never worn a dress like that?? I don't know. I just thank God we are taking a vacation next week!! I sure need it!!