Sunday, May 18, 2008

my weekend

What a hot day today is!!! and what an exhausting weekend I had! It's been super busy. Friday night we had Ignite and then my niece & nephew spent the night. Saturday morning we got up early(!) and I went to my parents house to have a yard sale while Matt went to Men's Discipleship at church. All I wanted to make was at least $50 at my yard sale for my haircut that day, and I made more than double that! Schweeeeeeeet!! I FINALLY got a much needed pedicure and haircut later on that day. Then in the night we went to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. for my friend Michelle's birthday. We went to the one by the beach, and sat on the patio area, the weather was perfect at 8pm-not too warm and not too cool. We had a good time and about 20 of our friends showed up. This morning (Sunday) we went to 1st service at 9am then I worked in the 2's & 3's class, came home & cleaned up... and now i'm exhausted! The kids in our class kept us busy! Now i'm laying on my couch waiting for my sis to come over with her kids so we can go swimming. ::sigh:: It's HOT outside!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just wanted to share one of my favorite scriptures. I love scriptures that make me feel beautiful, not what what the world defines as "beautiful", but a pure Godly beauty, so perfect in Him.

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”- Psalm 139:13-14

So out of shape...

Our young adults group got together and each of us invited somebody new or someone we just met, it's called "Connect". This month we played a game of on Monday night we all got together at the park and played. Ok, so how come I'm allll sore today as if I played pro baseball?? My legs are aching! lol. I'm so pathetic!! We had fun tho, so that's all that matters! The weather has been crazy here, that day was cold and gloomy. (and today is supposed to be in the upper 80's! ??)

picking daisies in the outfield..

Matt very excited to finally get there (he was stuck in a meeting at work)..

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lifehouse Skit

A few months ago one of the girls that goes to our young adults church asked if her and a few of her classmates from college could come and put on a "skit" for us. They got the idea from this video on youtube. This skit is SOOO powerful! It had everyone in tears. It just reminded me of how much Jesus fights for me even when I can't see it. Trials may come our way, but we have to keep the faith and keep fighting!!!

It can easily be duplicated, so if you have youth or young adults, you should do it for your church too. I know many people were encouraged by it and even got saved thru it!

Special times...

Although this past weekend was a bit hard, I definitely felt the prayers of my friends that told me they were praying for us to have a good time. Thank you my special friends! =) The weekend was filled with making memories and spending time with some VERY special people. On Saturday afternoon we got to our hotel, checked in, and immediately went and hung out by the pool, it was 95 degrees and perfect! Ok, it was actually really hot, but it felt good. Then we went to our niece's 4th princess birthday party and got to see a bunch of Matt's family that we hadn't seen in awhile since we don't get to go down there very often. (Palm Springs is 2 hours from us) Everyone invited us to the grandparents house the next morning for breakfast and a surprise mariachi band for their grandma. So that morning we went over there and it was cool because all the family was there, his parents, bro's and sisters, and a bunch of cousins. We ate, hung out and listened to the music til about 2..
This is Matt's grandparents...they are SO cute and SO in love. His grandpa has developed alzheimer's so he depends on her alot, and she takes such good care of him. I love to just sit and watch them interact, she has such patience explaining who is who to him, he looks around for her if she walks away for a few seconds, and then he takes her hand as they walk. They are so cute!

Matt's mom with her 4 sons...(her 2 daughters live out of state)

Then we went to my grandma's house for the rest of the day..
All the women chit chatting outside...

My niece trying to hide from my camera

Some of my family on my dad's side. My dad has 4 sisters and 2 brothers. So this is the 4 brothers and 2 sisters, and some of their kids, and some of their kids! Look at all the girls! We totally rule!

My grandma....I LOVE my grandma! She is thee most precious, loving, nicest, sweetest, bravest, strongest woman I know! Just looking at her makes me smile from ear to ear. When she sees me she always says, "aww my lil Monicita, look at you, oh you always looks so pretty", ok I know that's what grandma's are supposed to say, but I don't care, she always makes me feel so good. She's faced breast cancer and won! She's my hero! I LOVE her!
Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her. Proverbs 31:28
My grandpa passed away 10 years ago, but he adored her just the same.
She's gorgeous!

I look like her huh?? huh?? Don't I??

She's sooo cute!!
how precious! My gramma w/ my nephew Nicholas.

lol! Us girls played the White Elephant game, and my sister wrapped her gift in a Victoria's Secret bag, but in the bag was some chocolates and a candy vase. But it was hilarious to see my gramma holding the bag. I don't even think she knows what V S is!

My lil big jojo!

We looove each other!

I had a very nice day! My sister even gave me a "you're going to be a good mom one day" gift. I didn't open it til I got home last night, but it was thee cutest bag w/ red hawaiian flowers on it. Perfect for Hawaii! p.s. We watched August Rush last night with my gramma, omg that movie is SO good! If you haven't seen it, PLEASE go rent it!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

going thru old pics

So I was just going thru some of my old pictures right now from 2 different family parties that I had. I hope you guys don't mind, but I'm about to bombard my blog with pictures!

These 2 are just random pics:
Flip flop cake that my aunt made for my cousins birthday:
I love it!

Donut cake that my sis put together for my niece's birthday.
Cute and EASY! Krispy Kreme donuts=Yum!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Please vote for my friend!

Please vote for my friend Melissa's photo that she entered into a "motherhood" contest. She's one of the finalists and almost in the lead! Her photo IS beautiful and even if she wasn't my friend I would've voted for her picture anyways! =) It only takes a second to vote and you don't have to sign up or anything. Just click HERE and vote for Bill, Miss and Brood - you vote at the bottom of the page.


Monday, May 5, 2008

Slumber Party Girls!

I'm back and alive! lol! So Saturday night was my nieces' slumber party at my place. I had so much fun decorating, and I didn't spend alot of money at all, we even did our part in "recyling". My friend was going to throw away her pom poms from her daughters birthday, but instead she gave them to me to use. She even let me borrow her paper flowers which I put in different vases and placed them around in different areas. I used alot of things that I already had/found in my craft closet. My niece Sureya said she had alot of fun and she thanked me for letting her have her party there. How cute! The other girls had so much fun too (I think!)!! My sister (her mom), my 19 yr old niece Vanessa and my other sister came to help me. Here's some pics from the party, (also a tour of our tiny condo):
My other sister and my nieces decorated my sisters van that morning, then Sureya and my sis picked up all the girls for the party in the "party van".

My home and all the decor...I made sure to take pics before all the girls arrived.

The letters to spell her name I bought from Michaels.
The "vases" with the forks/straws/spoons were empty aluminum cans from my mom.
I had a cute roll of wrapping paper that I measured and cut and wrapped around the cans.

I used the same roll of wrapping paper and wrapped the water bottles.

Favors for the girls to take home. (these boxes I had leftover from my mom's party)

Each box had a lip gloss and different colored hair bands.
The lil confetti's....I bought 2 different sheets of scrapbook paper from Michael's and then I hole punched them with a circle hole punch and scattered them around. super cheap and cute confetti!

Each girl got a pair of flip flops. (found at 99 cent store!)

I made these candy skewers.
I just bought different gummy candy and skewers ($2 for 100). cheap and fun!

Goodie cups for the girls to take home. The butterflies are from Martha, I used the same paper as the confetti and whatever other colors Ihad at home. They were SUPER easy to make and you can find them here.

Happy Birthday banner I made on my computer.

Sprite and orange sherbert drinks! Yum!!

Doesn't everyone love funfetti cupcakes??

the paper flowers from my friend. She made them out of streamers!

First the girls went swimming..

Then they went inside for pedicures by Vanessa...

Brit getting pampered...

Enjoying their fun drinks...Vanessa made them smoothies!

it isn't a slumber party without pizza and popcorn!


My crazy sister giving them a mouth full of whipped cream! lol!

Happy Birthday to Youuuuu!

(front room) and slumber area...

The next morning...eating waffles topped with vanilla ice cream/strawberries/whipped cream.
Look who spent the night with all the girls...lil Nick!

p.s. After church yesterday you bet I spent the whole day lounging around at home!! zzzzz!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

::doing the running man::

Remember when I posted in my 100 things post about having knots in my stomach just thinking about Mother's Day? Well, they're still there. My stomach hurts just thinking about walking in church, seeing all the young mommy's so happy with their babies (and boy do we have ALOT at my church), receiving whatever beautiful thing they're handing out at the door for them, giving testimonies about their happy lives (not saying mine isn't happy, it's just missing something). I know this sounds completely selfish, maybe even foolish, but i've gone to too many of these services and put on a very big smile and have been genuinely happy for all of them. but. I just can't this time.


I'm not even sure if Matt knows how i'm feeling or maybe he's feeling the same way, but we made plans. And I'm excited!

That Saturday we're going to Palm Springs, checking in our beautiful hotel room -that we JUST booked!- hang out, swim, lay out, eat, relax(!), then go to our niece's birthday party (in Palm Springs). After the party we'll go back to our hotel, spend the night and in the morning we'll take his mom out for breakfast. She lives in the next city over. Then we'll go to my grandma's house where all my sisters and my mom will be. Perfect!

Check out our bomb diggity hotel!

as if i'm really going to cook something! It's still nice to look at!

It's a suite!

That pool is calling my name...

New mission:

My next birthday party to plan! This Saturday is my niece's 10 yr. birthday and guess what? She's having her first slumber party and it's at my place!!! I have kicked Matt umm I mean asked Matt to stay at my mom's for the night so we could have some major girly time. My niece is super excited and I kinda am -ok fine, I am too! I have already started decorating my lil condo to make it bright and fun. Plus i'm on a search for fun games/crafts and cute girly decorations!
Pray for Me! She invited 8 girls!

Daily Tip

This is a good one, I will always try to remember this:
Generally speaking, you can't help morning breath or moments of being rather rumpled because of life (it's humanly impossible to look and smell pretty 24/7). That said, don't let the familiarity that comes with years of marriage cause you to slide in your effort to be fresh and pretty for your husband.
I'm not suggesting the impossible. I remember those baby days when I struggled to get a shower by the end of the day or days when I hit the floor running because of work demands. Life does happen and hubbies need to understand the pull of responsibilities. I'm just encouraging a certain amount of self care so that we are healthy and so that we can be a pleasing partner to our spouse.

... the fragrance of your breath [is] like apples, and your mouth like the best wine!
Song of Songs 7:8b-9

Oh Olive Garden how I love thee,

Last night after church me, Matt, my mom and niece went to Olive Garden. I haven't been there in awhile, I forgot how goooood their salad, soup and breadsticks were! I feel like such a heffer today! =0 You can never go there and say you're just going to eat a soup & salad. I ate like 5 breadsticks dipped in alfredo sauce, aannddd some of my mom's pizza, plus my salad & soup. Can you say big guurrrrlll??
Just to make you drool on your keyboard...=)