Thursday, May 1, 2008

Daily Tip

This is a good one, I will always try to remember this:
Generally speaking, you can't help morning breath or moments of being rather rumpled because of life (it's humanly impossible to look and smell pretty 24/7). That said, don't let the familiarity that comes with years of marriage cause you to slide in your effort to be fresh and pretty for your husband.
I'm not suggesting the impossible. I remember those baby days when I struggled to get a shower by the end of the day or days when I hit the floor running because of work demands. Life does happen and hubbies need to understand the pull of responsibilities. I'm just encouraging a certain amount of self care so that we are healthy and so that we can be a pleasing partner to our spouse.

... the fragrance of your breath [is] like apples, and your mouth like the best wine!
Song of Songs 7:8b-9


Steph said...

HAHA!! Thank God I'm already showered and dressed now. But most days it's not til like noon. I remember right after I had Noah I would shower then put some clean sweats or pj's on. One day Robert came home from work(Noah was like 2 or 3 weeks old) looked at me up and down and said "This needs to stop!" We both started to bust up but since then I try to at least put some jeans on. I got to work on the hair and make up part tho.

Miss said...

I love this. I have thought about this alot thru my marriage. Especially after having kids. Now, I am lucky, Bill thinks I look sexy in sweats (yeah, I dont get it) but I still try to look good for him!

Moni said...

It's a good reminder huh Steph? lol @ "This needs to stop!" That's funny!

Miss: Can you give Bill Matt's number? Matt H.A.T.E.S sweats!! and I LOVE them!

Miss said...

haha! =) I will...