Monday, May 5, 2008

Slumber Party Girls!

I'm back and alive! lol! So Saturday night was my nieces' slumber party at my place. I had so much fun decorating, and I didn't spend alot of money at all, we even did our part in "recyling". My friend was going to throw away her pom poms from her daughters birthday, but instead she gave them to me to use. She even let me borrow her paper flowers which I put in different vases and placed them around in different areas. I used alot of things that I already had/found in my craft closet. My niece Sureya said she had alot of fun and she thanked me for letting her have her party there. How cute! The other girls had so much fun too (I think!)!! My sister (her mom), my 19 yr old niece Vanessa and my other sister came to help me. Here's some pics from the party, (also a tour of our tiny condo):
My other sister and my nieces decorated my sisters van that morning, then Sureya and my sis picked up all the girls for the party in the "party van".

My home and all the decor...I made sure to take pics before all the girls arrived.

The letters to spell her name I bought from Michaels.
The "vases" with the forks/straws/spoons were empty aluminum cans from my mom.
I had a cute roll of wrapping paper that I measured and cut and wrapped around the cans.

I used the same roll of wrapping paper and wrapped the water bottles.

Favors for the girls to take home. (these boxes I had leftover from my mom's party)

Each box had a lip gloss and different colored hair bands.
The lil confetti's....I bought 2 different sheets of scrapbook paper from Michael's and then I hole punched them with a circle hole punch and scattered them around. super cheap and cute confetti!

Each girl got a pair of flip flops. (found at 99 cent store!)

I made these candy skewers.
I just bought different gummy candy and skewers ($2 for 100). cheap and fun!

Goodie cups for the girls to take home. The butterflies are from Martha, I used the same paper as the confetti and whatever other colors Ihad at home. They were SUPER easy to make and you can find them here.

Happy Birthday banner I made on my computer.

Sprite and orange sherbert drinks! Yum!!

Doesn't everyone love funfetti cupcakes??

the paper flowers from my friend. She made them out of streamers!

First the girls went swimming..

Then they went inside for pedicures by Vanessa...

Brit getting pampered...

Enjoying their fun drinks...Vanessa made them smoothies!

it isn't a slumber party without pizza and popcorn!


My crazy sister giving them a mouth full of whipped cream! lol!

Happy Birthday to Youuuuu!

(front room) and slumber area...

The next morning...eating waffles topped with vanilla ice cream/strawberries/whipped cream.
Look who spent the night with all the girls...lil Nick!

p.s. After church yesterday you bet I spent the whole day lounging around at home!! zzzzz!!


Steph said...

O-M-G Moni! You are the bestest bestest Tia/decorator/hostess/party thrower in the world!!! *jealous cause I didn't get invited!!* haha
I bet her niece was super greatful! You throw one mean party! :) Love it all...doesn't even look 'recycled' at all!

Steph said...

Oh forgot to add your place is SO NICE!!! You have it fixed up really cute!!

Moni said...

Aww thanks Steph! See that's why you need to move over here so I can invite you! =) Thanks for the compliment about my lil home too! Can you just picture me laying on my couch w/ my laptop "nesting"? lol

Miss said...

you are crazy creative! I love the candy skewers idea! I will totally have to remember that! =)

susanc said...

You put in sooo much work...I'm sure it was appreciated. I was tired just after reading about it.
I've held many slumber parties for my now 13 year old daughter, they are always THE best fun!!!!

well done you :)

CandiceM said...

how fun!!! how cute!! You did a GREAT job!! I'm sure the girls had a BLAST!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Moni!! How in the world do you find time to do all of this?? You are AMAZING!!!

Barbara said...

You really know how to throw a party!!