Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Please vote for my friend!

Please vote for my friend Melissa's photo that she entered into a "motherhood" contest. She's one of the finalists and almost in the lead! Her photo IS beautiful and even if she wasn't my friend I would've voted for her picture anyways! =) It only takes a second to vote and you don't have to sign up or anything. Just click HERE and vote for Bill, Miss and Brood - you vote at the bottom of the page.



Miss said...

oh man..you are so sweet !=)

Steph said...

Hi Miss - hope you win!!!! -but that pic isn't you, right? (i've lurked on your blog hehe)

Steph said...

btw Moni I bet that Qweird Utah on makes you sick huh? LOL! Eww that made me almost vomit! haha

Moni said...

No that's not Miss that's her friend. Miss is the one who took the pic.

lol steph you know me too well!