Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oh Olive Garden how I love thee,

Last night after church me, Matt, my mom and niece went to Olive Garden. I haven't been there in awhile, I forgot how goooood their salad, soup and breadsticks were! I feel like such a heffer today! =0 You can never go there and say you're just going to eat a soup & salad. I ate like 5 breadsticks dipped in alfredo sauce, aannddd some of my mom's pizza, plus my salad & soup. Can you say big guurrrrlll??
Just to make you drool on your keyboard...=)


Steph said...

Yum Olive Garden is my FAVORITE!!!! Thanks Moni now I REALLY want some now!! Warm breadsticks and ice cold juicy salad!

Miss said...

I so wish we could hav elunch at Olive Garden together! It is one my favorite places!
And when I was looking at the photo of the breaksticks I was thinking how good they are in alfredo sauce....and then I read taht is what you got!! =) YUMMMM