Tuesday, April 29, 2008


As soon as we pulled into the parking lot for the Fish Fest (on Sunday) Matt immediately starts sneezing. And so it begins. The verizon amphitheatre was apparently built in pollenville. So we get there, walk to our seats and sit down to enjoy the concert, but it wasn't enjoyable AT ALL. Matt's eyes are watering, he's sneezing up a storm, and his nose is dripping. I thought to my selfish self "oh no, please don't let him start", he's known to get bad allergy attacks, so I start praying really fast: "Pleaaase God bring healing, please don't let him have an allergy attack, please give me half (or more since men are babies, lol) of what he's feeling, then at least I won't feel bad if we have to go home, because i'll know what he's feeling". Weird prayer? Well then I, the one who never has gotten allergies, start sneezing and my nose starts running. It was almost funny. but not. We're trying to stay as long as possible to try and get some of our money's worth, all the while sneezing on each other. To top it off it was hotter than heck out there, 90 something degrees. Matt was completely miserable, so after a few bands we headed home. =( We did make it thru Sixpence, Superchicks, and most of Rebecca St. James.

Rebecca St. James (Melissa, for some reason she was reminding me of you the whole time-I think you resemble her)

Rebecca's 2 brothers that sang with her.
All night and even yesterday we were still suffering! It was crazy! Now I know what Matt and all you allergy sufferers go thru all the time!


Miss said...

I would LOVE TO remind you of Rebecka St. James...espciallyin the way she sings! And she talks cool too...but it would be wierd if I had an australian accent since I have never even been there! =)

I am sorry you guys got sick...but God DID answer your prayer! =)

Chola said...

haha (sorry) Be careful how you pray! Aw so sorry tho. At least you got to catch some of it.