Monday, April 14, 2008

Girls just wanna have fun!

So Saturday was my friend's bridal shower. She's getting married this Sunday!! Matt & I are in thieir wedding too! =) I don't have any pics of the actual shower because I didn't have my camera with me but I do have pics of the goodies that I made for the party. I made sure to take pics of them beforehand.

I got this cookie idea from a girl on a cooking message board, but I just changed all the colors and designs.
I love how they came out!

Ouch! lol

I love these lil favors, because they're so easy to make! I just change each design according to
the theme of each party. These have lil bra's on them.

Chocolate covered pretzels w/ pink sprinkles.


Anonymous said...

SOOOOOOOOO cute! I bet those cookies were a HUGE hit at the party!!

Lauren said...

Moni! What cute cookies. Great choice with the favors too!

Miss said...

HAHAH~!! I LOVE the thong! that is hilarious! you are sooo good!

susanc said...

too cute :)

Moni said...

thanks girls!