Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Everything Changed"

So this post is about my friend Luwann. She goes to my church and sings on the worship team, and has been saved for 11 years now. I've known her for years. She recently had a documentary about her life done by a guy named Bobby Marquez. Knowing Luwann now I can't even BELIEVE the struggles that she went thru, she seems so polished and well put together and above all has an amazing relationship with God, her mom and her sister. She is an awesome friend and prayer partner, with a big heart. Please take a look at the trailers and see for yourself the miracle of how God can take a good for nothing drug addicted person off the streets and turn them into a beautiful person doing what the Creator has called her to do.
Note: These are trailers for the upcoming documentary called "Everything Changed".


Barbara said...

Thank you for sharing. My husband is a youth pastor and even though our town is small compared to hers - we have so many hurting kids - lots of single parents who aren't around to know what their kids are doing. My husband has the heart for those kids but we need other adults that have the same kind of love for these kids and their families. I like your blog.

Moni said...

Barbara THANK YOU for visiting my blog! I feel so special! That's so awesome that your husband is a youth pastor. I'm sure those teens appreciate your husband & yourself for your sacrifices! (even if they don't show it!)