Friday, April 11, 2008

JoJo's 2nd Birthday!

So y'all know all about our love for our godson/nephew jojo already right? Well he just turned 2 a few weeks ago! We actually celebrated his b-day a few times, once with his mom & dad & siblings we went to Chuck E Cheese, once with all the family at the park for a bbq, and then me and Matt took him to Disneyland! He looooves Disneyland, he's already been there 4 or 5x and he's only 2! Lucky kid! Here are some pics from his 2nd birthday!!
Chuck E Cheese

Birthday Party at the Park!

JoJo with grampa! (my dad)

JoJo with his bro's and sisters

On the tram to get to D-land!
"Lady please! Enough with the pictures!"
Mickey's Playhouse show
Me and JoJo!

Enjoying the scenery....just chillaxin'.
Buzz lightyear ride!
Lil guy in a big world...

The teacups were sooooooooooo fun!!
He loooved this ride, and Matt was spinning us SO fast!
The End! Thanks for looking!


Jayme said...

Is he really only 2???? He looks like he's a teenager! Or at least 4 years old!!

laliz said...

He is adorable. I love that picture of him covering his eyes--too cute!


Anonymous said...

He is the CUTEST thing!! I bet he had SUCH a blast at the parks!