Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another baby shower...

Another post of long overdue pictures! This was a baby shower for my sister's LAST baby! My sister had a super hard year so my mom, her bff & I decided to have her a lil something. Since she already had everything she needed from her previous baby, we did a small Diapees & Wipees Shower for her. Instead of any type of gifts we just asked (in a very cute poem) for either diapers or wipees for the new baby. (it was mostly family and close friends so they didn't mind that) The invitation had a picture of a pregnant lady on it and it said "This girl needs a party!"
Banner that I made with the baby's name. (after my dad) It's actually Nicholas but I didn't feel like doing the whole name! lol shhh.

Dessert table..

Strawberries & brownies that our friend made. They were delish!

kinda lopsided diaper cake that I made.


Game prizes (each filled with 1 gift card to various places)
Trying to get the full effect of how pretty it looked with the lights.

Me and my sister's bff. It was thee hottest day in August hence my red face.
My sis & her bff.

The Zam clan opening their gifts.

Sorry baby those aren't for you! =)

Just to show you how long ago that shower was, this is baby Nicholas on Easter! =)


Miss said...

seriously, you do the CUTEST wshowers! you must spend a TON! I am totally impressed. You should be an event planner...I am serious.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Seriously you are making me SO nervous. I can't complete with this! You throw the BEST parties!