Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby Shower pics

Doing this baby shower is something that I am very proud of myself for doing. It showed me that God has been working in me, changing me, bringing healing and I know it was 100% all God's strength in me. My friend M & I were trying to get pregnant, she got pg I didn't (still haven't). When I found out she was pg, it was super hard for me, I cried everyday for a long time. It was HARD. That's all I can say. As time went on, being the party & baby shower planner that I am, I kept thinking I can't do this one, I just can't do it, I know i'm not going to be able to, it's going to be too hard for me. I just KNEW that I wasn't going to do it. Well guess what, God had other plans, as time went on, the planning of this shower literally fell in my lap. It was either I do something or they have nothing. I just couldn't let that happen so I did everything I could to make it happen, I did all the decorations, me and another friend went around our young adults group and took signups from those that were willing to help out, my mom made all the food and it just flowed. I was sooo surprised at how great I felt, and how I WANTED it to be perfect for them. I KNEW it was God in me. The shower was held at our church in one of the rooms on the 2nd floor. I picked a color scheme that would match the room. Orange, blue and a lil bit of brown. We had it after a Friday night service and it went great!
The Room before everyone arrived: (2 friends helped me decorate during the day)

I made a banner of his name using scrapbook paper.

Another banner I made...

The Napkins ...

Cheapest favors EVER, I made personalized sticks of gum with the babys name.

A friend made these snacks: chocolate dipped oreos and pretzels and licorice.

the happy couple:

Me & Mish

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

mac video ?

Does anyone know how I can add the slideshow to my blog of our Hawaii vacation? We made it on Matt's mac computer using ivideo. And we can view it in quicktime. Do I have to save it a certain way or upload it somewhere so I can post it on my blog??

Clueless in Cali

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chinese take-out anyone?

I found this cute flower arrangement on this blog. I had to save it for a future party! It looks SO cute and super easy to make too.

p.s. I have our hawaii video to upload's all done I just have to figure out how to post it. We made it on Matt's mac computer using the ivideo program.

p.s.s. We just had a baby shower yesterday for our pastor and his wife last night after church. I'll post pics as soon I get them. My dumb camera was acting up, so i'm waiting for my friends to send me their pics.

p.s.s. On the job front, I actually haven't even STARTED looking for a new job! lol. I LOVE being a SAHW! Our house is ALWAYS clean and there's never a dirty dish in the sink for longer than 10 minutes! I'm praying that God would give me some kind of clarity on what I should do...stay home/go to school, get a part time, get a full time....that IS once I start looking. For now i'm just enjoying being home/party planning/spending time with my fam/..... before I enter the work force again and probably never get this opportunity again unless I get pg!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Hawaii Updates

Ok I kept lagging on updating my blog because i've been partying it up, and then so much time went by I don't even know where to start. I guess I should start with Hawaii huh? ok. Hawaii.was.amazing.and.beautiful.and.sooooooo.relaxing!!!!!!!!! We had a wonderful time! Seriously. So my parents dropped us off at the airport in the wee early morning hours. We got there about 1 1/2 early because LAX is always crazy busy and you just never know. So while we waited, i browsed this super cute but expensive shop at the airport while matt chilled by our bags. Then we got some breakfast from Burger King and ate while we waited.
Our flight was right on schedule, we boarded around 8:15 and took off around 8:30, it was actually about 20 minutes early. Yay!
We arrived at about 11:30am! Alright!!
So we get our luggage, run out into the pouring rain, (yes it was humid and pouring)
it was kinda gross, we found the bus that we were supposed to take to the rental car place, it took what seemed like FOREVER, but we finally got our car. We drove into Waikiki and finally got to our hotel. From the time we landed to actually get into our room, no joke took like 3 hours, but we didn't care, we were in Hawaii together! So we get to our hotel, and they tell us that our room isn't ready so we check our luggage in and walk to Cheeseburgers in Paradise to share a meal. lol @ Matt, I think he was delirious in this picture, and he thinks i'm such a nerd when I take food pics.
Their cheeseburgers are sooo good and juicy and the bread is so soft, and the fries are so crispy and fresh! Yum! When we got back to our hotel, our room was all ready for us.

To be continued...our Anniversary dinner date later that evening.