Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chinese take-out anyone?

I found this cute flower arrangement on this blog. I had to save it for a future party! It looks SO cute and super easy to make too.

p.s. I have our hawaii video to upload's all done I just have to figure out how to post it. We made it on Matt's mac computer using the ivideo program.

p.s.s. We just had a baby shower yesterday for our pastor and his wife last night after church. I'll post pics as soon I get them. My dumb camera was acting up, so i'm waiting for my friends to send me their pics.

p.s.s. On the job front, I actually haven't even STARTED looking for a new job! lol. I LOVE being a SAHW! Our house is ALWAYS clean and there's never a dirty dish in the sink for longer than 10 minutes! I'm praying that God would give me some kind of clarity on what I should do...stay home/go to school, get a part time, get a full time....that IS once I start looking. For now i'm just enjoying being home/party planning/spending time with my fam/..... before I enter the work force again and probably never get this opportunity again unless I get pg!!