Thursday, February 5, 2009

asking for prayers

ugh, i'm mad that I have to be asking for prayers for this, i hate the devil, for a few months now i've been dealing with a cyst that I got that turned into an infection, I got it removed (thru surgery & antibiotics) then recently in November it came back, went back to the dr. and dealt with it again. This past week or so, I've been feeling it trying to come back, but i have been praying SOOO hard against it. I believe that God can and will heal me. The devil's been trying so hard to fill my head with lies about sickness and death, and I hate it. I've been fighting back with God's word and just doing what I know to do, but it's hard. I'll be going to the dr. in a few days, but I don't even want to do THAT, I am really really believing for a supernatural touch from God, a miracle, a healing that only God can do for me. I just wanted to ask if anyone, when praying, if you remember me please pray for me against any sickness, diseases, infections...lies!!!!!
I've been praying this prayer alot! I got it from Joan Hunter.
In the name of Jesus I command my immune system to be restored. I command the electrical and magnetic frequencies in my body to return to normal harmony and balance. I command all the prions in my body to completely dissolve and be discarded from my body. I command my PH balance to normalize and command healing to every cell affected by any abnormal PH levels. Thank you Jesus! 3 John 1:2, Jer. 17:14, Matt. 4:24