Thursday, April 3, 2008

Daily Tip

This was the "Daily tip" from the Genenous Wife email I am signed up for:

I have a "wrinkle line" between my eyebrows (I frown when I concentrate). One day I caught a glimpse of myself when I was sporting that line. I looked absolutely cranky. Now, mind you, I was having a rather pleasant day, but I still looked very much like I was feeling cranky. My tip for today is to pay attention to your face. Is it sporting the emotion you want it to? Do you smile at your husband or look pleasant when you mean to? It takes a bit of awareness, but it's worth the effort to communicate to your spouse (and others) that they are loved and special (rather than just annoying you on a very cranky day).
We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do. Mother Teresa

I can totally relate to this because I also have that "wrinkle line" between my eyebrows and my husband always teases me about it. I always catch myself doing it too! >:-) lol!


yvettepina said...

love that! I have it too. I am always making faces without even realizing it. Guess it is my character. LOL good tip for the day.
By the way I love the blog Moni!

Bootlegger 1 said...

My dad use to tell me I walked around looking like I was frowning all of the time...I hated that b.c I wasnt even unhappy! So, I started paying attention to how my face was looking...I smile a whole lot more than I use to b.c I didntwant people to think I was unapproachable! =)

Where do you get these tips??

Bootlegger 1 said...

ok, my husband tried starting a blog last night and it changed MY blog nzme..this is billmiss and brood, I am NOT bootlegger! =) haha

Moni said...

lmbOFF @ "bootlegger"!! so funny!

Miss said...

ok, I am soooo not computer literate...what is lmboff??

I am hearing
Laughing My Big something?? =)

Moni said...

Laughing My Butt/Bootie Off! =)

Miss said...

ok, I was confused by tthe OFF! whatever..I am so slow sometimes! thanks for explainig!