Friday, April 4, 2008

My sis

This is just a lil tribute to my sister Gina. She & her husband pastor a church out in Yucaipa which is about a lil over an hour from all of us. I am so proud of her, she is such an awesome example to me of a Godly women. She has completely sacrificed her life of comfort to go to a new place and back up her husband in starting a church. I know that can't be easy, and I know she faces so many attacks and distractions but yet she still gives her all to reach out to people so that they may know Christ. Today she is going on a pastor's wives retreat for the weekend. She's never done anything like this, and i'm just so happy for her, it's always work work work for her, and I just really really pray that this weekend will be a time of joy, rejuvenation, bonding with other pastor's wives, and that God would just do a new thing in her - that she would be refreshed! And that the Holy Spirit would speak to her! If you get a chance to say a lil prayer for her that would be great!
This is my sis: (well this is 2 of my sisters, but she is the one on the right)