Monday, April 21, 2008

K & Z's wedding

Yesterday (3/20) was our friends K&Z's wedding! It was such a beautiful day, thank God there weren't any "April showers" for them! We had the privelege of standing beside them in their wedding. Everything turned out perfect, and the bride & groom seemed pleased with their day! =) Here's some pics:
The Beautiful Bride

The Happy Couple

Their cake (made by same cake friend)

Me and Rach

hubba hubba! ooh lala!!

Me and Mr. Handsome

After I just finished stuffing my face with some yummy chocolate cake!

Me w/ K!

I wish this pic would've came out! It was wayyy too dark.

Just had to add a pic of the back of my hair, I loved the way Lauren did it, it was a low side "bun".

After the wedding, me and Matt went to say hi to our lil guy jojo!

lol! somebody's a big cheeseball!


mrspineapple said...

Hi Moni! Jojo is the cutest! You and Matt look great!

Moni said...

who's mrs. pineapple??

Steph said...

Love it! You looked great! Your hair was so cute!!!
lol at Jojo!
Was the couple going anywhere for their honeymoon? Where was the wedding at? E-mail me all my nosey questions! lol!

Moni said...

sorry mrspineapple, I know who you are! lol

Anonymous said...

So cute! You guys both look stunning, as does the bride. Looks like a great time!

Barbara said...

If you send me the picture you think was way too dark, I'd love to see if I could tweak it for you!