Monday, May 12, 2008

Special times...

Although this past weekend was a bit hard, I definitely felt the prayers of my friends that told me they were praying for us to have a good time. Thank you my special friends! =) The weekend was filled with making memories and spending time with some VERY special people. On Saturday afternoon we got to our hotel, checked in, and immediately went and hung out by the pool, it was 95 degrees and perfect! Ok, it was actually really hot, but it felt good. Then we went to our niece's 4th princess birthday party and got to see a bunch of Matt's family that we hadn't seen in awhile since we don't get to go down there very often. (Palm Springs is 2 hours from us) Everyone invited us to the grandparents house the next morning for breakfast and a surprise mariachi band for their grandma. So that morning we went over there and it was cool because all the family was there, his parents, bro's and sisters, and a bunch of cousins. We ate, hung out and listened to the music til about 2..
This is Matt's grandparents...they are SO cute and SO in love. His grandpa has developed alzheimer's so he depends on her alot, and she takes such good care of him. I love to just sit and watch them interact, she has such patience explaining who is who to him, he looks around for her if she walks away for a few seconds, and then he takes her hand as they walk. They are so cute!

Matt's mom with her 4 sons...(her 2 daughters live out of state)

Then we went to my grandma's house for the rest of the day..
All the women chit chatting outside...

My niece trying to hide from my camera

Some of my family on my dad's side. My dad has 4 sisters and 2 brothers. So this is the 4 brothers and 2 sisters, and some of their kids, and some of their kids! Look at all the girls! We totally rule!

My grandma....I LOVE my grandma! She is thee most precious, loving, nicest, sweetest, bravest, strongest woman I know! Just looking at her makes me smile from ear to ear. When she sees me she always says, "aww my lil Monicita, look at you, oh you always looks so pretty", ok I know that's what grandma's are supposed to say, but I don't care, she always makes me feel so good. She's faced breast cancer and won! She's my hero! I LOVE her!
Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her. Proverbs 31:28
My grandpa passed away 10 years ago, but he adored her just the same.
She's gorgeous!

I look like her huh?? huh?? Don't I??

She's sooo cute!!
how precious! My gramma w/ my nephew Nicholas.

lol! Us girls played the White Elephant game, and my sister wrapped her gift in a Victoria's Secret bag, but in the bag was some chocolates and a candy vase. But it was hilarious to see my gramma holding the bag. I don't even think she knows what V S is!

My lil big jojo!

We looove each other!

I had a very nice day! My sister even gave me a "you're going to be a good mom one day" gift. I didn't open it til I got home last night, but it was thee cutest bag w/ red hawaiian flowers on it. Perfect for Hawaii! p.s. We watched August Rush last night with my gramma, omg that movie is SO good! If you haven't seen it, PLEASE go rent it!!


Steph said...

AW glad you had a great weekend!! Your grams is so precious! You can tell from her pics she's just a beautiful woman (inside and out)
Matt and his bro's all look so different! Their styles (except for the 2 sitting down)
and what 95 degrees is hecka HOT!!!
So sweet of your sis! and you ARE going to be a great Mommy!

Miss said...

I am so glad your weekend ended up being good~ Your grandma IS beautiful!! =) (SO ARE YOU!!!!)

I am jelous of the hot weather..its suppose to be summer here but it has been SO COLD!! grrr...