Friday, June 8, 2007

Holy Ghost Hangover

So last night we went to our Pastor's 25th Birthday Party. It was off the hook! I can pretty much brag that I have the best group of friends and we always have so much fun together. Whether it's just sitting around the table cracking jokes or singing worship songs & praying together, it's always exciting. God has truly blessed me! Even tho I have a Holy Ghost hangover right now, I think we got home around 12 something, which is why I came to work sporting some "holy" jeans and my pink Atlantic shirt. oh well. Here is a pic of me and my craziest friend Mischa, we love taking pictures of ourselves and we love gettin' toasted on Martinelli's apple cider, oh yeaaaaah baby, that's what it's all about!


Braye said...

love it!

Misha said...

Yes I agree! I too came into work with a holyghost hangover!!!
Yup Monica, Cyndi, and I were Smokey...khee khee