Thursday, June 7, 2007

I could never find the right drink at Starbucks, so I never know what to order. I usually just stand there in front of the poor barista, trying to make a decision. Well today I met my favorite and my coworker/friend Bobcat went to Starbucks right quick on our 15. This is what I said: "Can I have an iced caramel machiatto with extra caramel?" Doesn't it look sooo delicious? It's already almost all gone!


Anonymous said...

I know, i had a taste of it and it was ummmm ummmm good (like campbells soup).

Rachel said...

Girl you're crazy! I'm a straight up decaf with half and half kind of girl :) I can't handle the sugar or caffeine! But you better believe I visit Caribou (my preferance over starbucks) several times a week!

Glad you found your drink!