Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's My Birthday!

Have I mentioned that I loooove my birthday, I think it should be a national holiday or something. =P just kiddin'. But I do love getting spoiled by my hubby and fam bam. Here's the plans for the day: 11am - i have a much needed haircut/color appt.. I am so excited for this, my hair is nasty right now. After that Matt's gonna take me shopping either to Victoria Gardens or Old town Pasadena, both have thee bomb stores for shopping. Then around 6ish, my mom's cooking me dinner = my fave = green chili chicken enchiladas. My sisters & hubbys & all my nieces and nephews will be there, and a few of my close friends. Yay!

Gotta go get ready now! Here's a pic from last night as we were getting ready for our Safe Zone event we have at our church on Halloween. The guys went out and bought pizza for us, and they bought me a guy version "cake"! =) (the candle is a straw. lol)

Me with my bff's!


kari said...

Happy Birthday!

I LOVE Victoria Gardens! It's one of the things that makes me sad that we left California.

Miss said...

HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY!!!! =)

I LOVE that you love your bday so much. Did you get GREAT Stuff shopping?? =) miss

Anonymous said...

happy birthday my friend! :)

Barbara said...

Sorry I missed wishing you a happy birthday. I was busy reading your post but got stuck on the green chili chicken enchiladas!!! Will you please share the receipe!