Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hard Rock Cafe

On Sunday I went out with my friends for one of my good friends Drea's birthday. We went to Universal City Walk and ate at Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood. There were about 9 of us that went-I love getting together with these girls because they are hilarious. You KNOW for sure that when you're with them you're going to be rollin' for sure. The waiter guy was laughing at us because about 5 of us ordered the "twisted mac, chicken & cheese" dish. It was so delish tho, I had my leftovers for dinner that night AND breakfast the next morning! The waiter asked us what we were there for and we told him it was Dre's birthday so he made her stand up and took her to the middle of the floor and shouted so loud to the whole restaurant that it was her "25th" b-day and on the count of 3, had everyone shout "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". It was so funny because she was so embarassed. haha!
packing my dish to go! =)

she was hating us.

the birfday girl!


Steph said...

Aw how fun! Your hair looks so cute!!