Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Locks of Love

So this past Friday my niece cut her longgg hair to donate to Locks of Love. It was her birthday weekend so I guess she wanted a change, ya know, turning 8 is a BIG thing these days. It was so cute, because she was so nervous, she kept talking about it the whole day before and all morning before Lauren got there. We (me and her mom) told her she would be fine, and it would grow back before she knew it. I was like dude it's gonna grow back! =) My hairstylist friend Lauren came over and did it at my casa, which was cool. Before:
And after:
Since my sis (her mom) was at work, we drove to her job in Huntington Beach to meet her for lunch and so my niece could show off her new fresh do'. My niece LUV'D it and so did my sis. We picked up my sis and one of her coworkers and we went to this lil cafe called Monkey Cafe, it was SOOO cute!!
I had this grilled turkey sandwich that was so yummy! served with a side of salt & vinegar chips and some fresh lemonade. Just looking at this pic makes me drool all over again.

Yay for new haircuts and donating it!


mrs.leah.maria said...

What a cutie pie! That sammie does look drool worthy!

Rachel said...

That is so cute :-)

I would LOVE to do locks of love if I could do any of the following:

a. grow my hair long enough
b. keep growing it even when I want to pull it out
c. grow it even LONGER so I can reach the length it needs to be
d. Realize that reaching my shoulders is NOT nearly long enough and just keep growing
e. and lastly resist the temptations of hair dye and highlights.

Who am I kidding? I wasn't cut out for this :-(