Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Project

So we're having my dad a birthday/he just found out that he has 5 or 6 more medals entitled to him from his Vietnam days party. It's going to be July 12th. We are super proud of him, I mean he WAS only 19 with a pregnant 19 yr old wife at home, and went across the world to another country to fight a war to protect his country. I'm pretty dang proud of him. So anyways, it's going to be in a few weeks, at a park, more of a casual party, BUT I still want to do some special things for him, and decorate as much as I can being that I'm on a very tight budget now. I'll be doing a few DIY projects since i'm home all day. It's weird tho, because usually I dont have a problem with coming up with decorations/games for parties, but with this one i'm kinda stumped. I dont want it too 4th of July-ish, so i'm doing dark army green with red/white/blue but the antiquey-ish look (think pearl harbor days). These colors and look:

I have been searching the internet for days trying to get inspired, if you happen to come across any patriotic DIY ideas/crafts please let me know! I want to do something special for my dad too at the party, not sure what yet tho. Again if you have ideas please let me know! (Julie if you're reading this, I know you have ideas up your sleeve! Email me!)
Here is the invitation that I designed w/ Matt's photoshop skills. these are all pics of my dad back in the day:


Miss said...

Those invitations look amazing!

I can not imagine my husband leaving me while I was pg to FIGHT A WAR!!! wow, Those must be fasinating stories!

Steph said...

I'm SURE you will get inspired real soon and think of something fab! Those invites are awesome!! E-mail it to me if you can so I can see the pics bigger. :) That's so cool what you guys are doing for him!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Hi Moni! Thanks for stopping by the other day! You post on D&R as well don't you?

I love what I see and I'll be back! :)

Barbara said...

Wow! Your dad will feel all the love and pride due him with your party!

And what a special gift from your neice!