Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Romo Family Reunion

I ended up going to my family reunion even tho I really didn't "feel" like it. I knew that if I didn't go I would feel even worse. I ended up having a nice time, met lots of family, hung out with old family, grubbed and soaked in the fresh warm weather. It was held at a regional park, so we had a huge area all to ourselves. It was from 10am-7pm, and we got there around 2 and stayed til 7.

Here's some pics from the festivities. I can't wait to get the pics the real photographer took because mine suck (well the group ones do).

My 3 sisters - their husbands (- 1 that didn't make it) and my parents.

I was soo jealous that I couldn't play volleyball with all the cousins! =( I'm usually the first and last one out there playing. I LOVE volleyball!

So I sat on the side playing with baby Nick.

lil love bug!

my cousin Mia playing games...

My mom and aunt playing horseshoes.

Me and my cutie pie gramma.

ALL the 1st & 2nd cousins...

Me w. my sisters...

me and my boo... =)

All the Romo Girls...1st cousins...

my nieces and nephews...

me and my jojo who obviously wasn't feelin it.

My sis and my niece Penny

My parents with all their kids and grandkids..

My parents with all their grandkids...
nicknames: Lovie, Lulu, Nickle, Vaness, Reya, Lalo, JoJo, Serg, Penny & Desi.

THE END... =)


Miss said...

I am sooo glad you went! =) you look amazing...I would never have guessed you hadnt been doing well!

How are you now>>

Anonymous said...

Awww! What a GREAT time! You look so beautful in these pics. Glad to see you're back! :)