Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ignite Conference

So this...

is where i'll be all week!! My church has Conference once a year, we have special guest speakers everyday, different bands/music everyday, awesome worship, 3 morning sessions and night sessions everyday for a week. This Conference is special because Ignite, the young adults services that we help oversee, is hosting it. Ignite has put their special touches, creativity and awesomeness into it! =) Our guys have been SO busy, spending endless hours at the church getting everything ready, and now it's finally here. The theme is The Strength of Generations, our head pastor has been putting alot of emphasis on preparing our generation for taking over the church, but this Conference is focusing on the younger and the older coming together. Our special guest speaker for Ignite is Pastor Lee Wilson from Georgia CA. He is high-larious!!
I'm excited for this week! And then on Sunday we leave for Hawaii! I've already started packing our clothes and stuff for our vacation. I've been on the search for tanks, shorts, bathing suits, so i've been hitting up Target, Marshall's, Wal-Mart and a few other stores. I think we're good to go! =)