Thursday, June 7, 2007

My first official Blog. Never thought it would be. I picked Princess Moni and My Father is the KING as my blog name because I have this bookmark taped to my computer that says "I know that I'm a PRINCESS My Father is the KING OF KINGS" and I LOOOVE it! Jesus is the King and I'm HIS beautiful daughter. That makes me feels great!! Now let's see how this thing works. I actually created this blog to encourage a friend to start one, because she is a pretty darn good photographer and I thought she should start a blog and post her photos for all the world to see. And hopefully she could get some photography gigs out of this. I told her I would let her borrow my niece and my nephew to take pics of to start off her blog. heehee Anyways, I guess I will just be posting random things on here every now and then, so don't judge me, I'm new at this.