Monday, March 24, 2008

"At least I can make potato salad"

That's what my niece said when she didn't find any "golden eggs" (the golden eggs had anywhere from some change to $1 or $5 in them)...she's 7. All she found was a bunch of hardboiled eggs, but she just shrugged her shoulders and said "Oh well at least I can make potato salad". All dead serious.

Yesterday was so much fun but it started off as a busy busy day! I woke up at 7am to get ready and frost my cupcakes for my 2's nursery class at church. We had 3 services, so we sat in 1st and I worked 2nd svc. in class. Then we drove to my sisters and her hubby's church (they're pastors) but we totally missed their service, how sad huh? Here's some pics from our Easter celebration at my sisters house...
Matt's lil Easter basket I made for him:

Matt & JoJo - 2 handsome guys!

Me & JoJo!

My sis and her youngest(and last baby) -she has FIVE! -lil Nicholas

Me and my Love
my niece in her festive lil dress. =)
wow, that poor dog!
she found the golden egg!
My other sis decided to join the kids in the bouncer. THIS heifer (ME!) was not tryin to get in that thing after all the food I just ate. I probably would've just laid there while all the kids bounced around me.
Uncle Matt-King of the Kids!
The weather was SO nice yesterday! Nice and WARM!
Isn't my niece Lovie's hair just insane?! She's 12 and has never cut her hair, besides a few trims here and there. She had her hair in 2 french braids so I took them down. Wow!


Bill, Miss and our brood said...

How funny about your niece! I love the way kids think

And your nieces and nephews are SOOO cute!!

Happy Easter a day late!