Thursday, March 27, 2008

My sister's baby shower

So this is kinda late, ok REALLY late, like 2 years late, lol, but just wanted to share pics from my sister's baby shower we had for her.

One of the reasons I love living near L.A. - the Flower Mart is there - and the flowers are cheap!!
All of these goodies were from me & Matt (the godparents)!
Favors - chocolate FEET! =) The pictures are of my sisters older kids.

We did the Diaper Raffle which was optional-guests brought a pack of diapers for the new baby and about every 10-15 min. we raffled off prizes.


One of the gift baskets we raffled off.
This pic makes me laugh!
Me & my sis!
My sis with her mom, sisters, niece & cousin.


Bill, Miss and our brood said...

I want you to throw ME a party!! =) I LOVE the cake...especially with it all over her big belly@ haha

And what a cute decoration idea..hanging the clothes out! You are so good!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, what a GREAT party! I'm so glad you posted this too b/c I'm throwing a baby shower in a couple weeks. So fun! Although I'm a tad jealous of your awesome flower mart. They are SO EXPENSIVE here!