Friday, March 28, 2008

why did I test?

why? why? why? did I test yesterday? I told myself I wasn't going to test because I didn't want to put myself thru anymore heartache when I didn't see those 2 lines! But what did I do? I went home after work and tested, and of course it was a negative. That just put me in the worst mood, and to top it off I had to leave in less than 30 minutes to our leadership class, now I didn't even want to go, I just wanted to stay home and sulk. Then of course I got there late, it starts at 7pm SHARP. I was so embarassed walking in late, but hey, they (whoever they is) should be happy I even showed up. I was a big ole' grouch. But actually it got a lil better, I was forced to forget about it because after my friend asked me if I wanted to go to the mall, since our husbands had to stay at the church to work on something. As much as I didn't want to go, I went, and I'm glad I did. We went shopping at the mall (my favorite place), then went to Target where she had to buy her 2 lil ones some diapers and milk (talk about adding insult to injury-I was forced to walk thru the infant section!-she didn't know I had just tested tho). I did buy myself a cute yellow tankini at Target for our Hawaii trip! =) Then we went to In-n-Out and grubbed. I felt so much better after too!

Side note: I'm working on "Delighting myself in the Lord" because then maybe God will give me the desires of my heart. =)

Tonight after Ignite, I'm going with the girls to BJ's Restaurant to celebrate our friend Melissa's birthday! I love Bj's pizza and I love going out with my girls, so i'm looking forward to it! =)


Bill, Miss and our brood said...

Oh princess, I am so sorry....Why did you not want to test yesterday? Too early?
I have nothing to say except your prayer is perfect! God must be so pleased with you...
I keep sitting here thinking something inspiring will come to me, but its not, so I will go but know I am praying for you

Moni said...

no, not too early, just HATE seeing 1 line. I always say i'm not gonna test til I start barfing or something. lol.
btw: I love how you call me princess, you're so funny! It always makes me laugh. =)

Bill, Miss and our brood said...

I love how you say "your father is king..." SOO brilliant! I wish I would have thought of it!

Anonymous said...

Oh Moni, I'm so sorry. You know you two are still in my prayers and seriously...In N Out makes EVERYTHING better. Yummmm!