Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Well hello there bloggy blog!

This thing hasn't seen ME in awhile! Silly me....I have been locked out of my blog forever! I couldn't remember my blog NAME, then when I did, i couldn't remember my PASSWORD, then I couldn't remember the email that I set up for this account, it was an all around mess. Finally, recently I figured everything out and now here I am! I want to start writing in here again, i'm not the best writer, but I think it'll help me getting vents out, frustrations, praises, and also I want to start adding pics of things I love to do such as planning parties! I looove all things that relate to parties, i love favors, centerpieces, invitations, etc. ... anyways, it's already 10:30 so I must go to bed now.


Bill, Miss and our brood said...

This sounds like me...I totally do things and then forget how to get back to them! =) haha