Tuesday, March 25, 2008


from my mom's house! My moms house is the place to be for reals! She's one of those mom's where you can go do your laundry at her house and all the while she'll spoil you with yummy dinners. I feel bad sometimes because we're always over. So tonight I told myself I'm just gonna go home and relax and make myself a dinner, since Matt is gone meeting with some guys for something they're working on for church. BUUUT then my mom calls me right now and tells me that her and my sis (her hubby went fishing) just rented movies and made dinner!!! AHHHH! So guess where i'm going?

you got it.

to my mom's house.



Bill, Miss and our brood said...

I TOTALLY agree...I could go see my mom everyday! But, she lives about 40 minutes away so I limit myself. Bill use to be gone 3-4 nights a week so the kids and I would go and spend those days there OFTEN! I loved it! =)