Friday, March 28, 2008


I HATE turning in my PTO (time off sheet) into my boss, so i'd been putting it off, but today both Matt & I (we work @ the same company) both turned ours in. Yay! And we were both approved, which is REALLY good since we already bought our tickets for Hawaii! lol! We're taking 10 whole days off of work, and I canNOT wait!

Also, I forgot to mention we're going on a missions trip with our young adults group in July. We're going to be visiting and helping our church in Guadalajara Mexico. So we'll come back from Hawaii on Sunday, and then that Thursday we're leaving again but this time to MX. July's going to be a busy busy month! We also have Youth Conference the 2nd week of July! I'm excited!


Bill, Miss and our brood said...

where do you work? I wish I could pay myslef pto!! =) haha

Anonymous said...

HAWAII??? That is going to be SOOO much fun! Can't WAIT to see the pics!